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Accessibility and Accommodations

NVDA Expert 2017 certified badge

Braille and Assistive Technology Assistant at LinnBenton Lincoln ESD - Albany Oregon

From January to July of 2017, I was employed as a Braille support specialist to prepare Braille materials, direct on assistive technology and train students one-on-one to use assistive technology and encourage students in their STEM classes. My duties included the following:

Accessibility Tester/Reviewer at Portland Community College - Portland Oregon

From 2021 to present I've worked as an accessibility reviewer testing third party websites/platforms and the college's own pages for accessibility compliance and ease of use with assistive technologies. Our team tests with all assistive software both screen readers and low vision. Companies will submit proposals for us to assess their software for accessibility and ease of use. During my time with the college we've tested services, including:

Networking and Systems Administration

Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician certified 2020 badge CompTia Network Plus certified 2019 badge

Cisco Certified

Computer networking and Cisco equipment have always captivated my interest. In February 2020, I achieved Cisco certification as a Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT). Although I narrowly missed passing the second exam of the ICND series by 25 points, I possess a robust understanding of router and switch security, the OSI model, routing protocols, link aggregation, and access lists. Transitioning from standard consumer equipment to advanced commercial Cisco equipment in my home office has been a rewarding endeavor, fueled by my passion for networking.

Windows and Directory Services

During my two-year vocational computer networking program at Eastern, I successfully passed the Microsoft MCTS exam, earning my MCTS Vista certification in 2008. While this certification has since expired, my recent degree program included a course on Microsoft Windows Server 2019. Although I am no longer Microsoft certified, I have substantial experience working with Active Directory and Directory Services. As an advanced Windows user, I have engaged in batch and PowerShell scripting, task automation, and have a strong understanding of proper Windows security practices.

Maintenance and Support

CompTia A Plus certified 2019 badge

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Training, Advising and Research

CompTia IT Operations Specialist Stackable certified 2019 badge

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