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Welcome to my blog! I'm Cody Hurst - a blind entrepreneur, musician, and an avid enthusiast of technology and cryptocurrency. Every so often, I'm struck by the urge to share my musings on the latest happenings in these dynamic fields, and sometimes, I delve into the broader events shaping our world.

My views might stir the pot for some, but that's just part of who I am. I aim to offer a unique and invigorating perspective, shaped by my experiences as a legally blind individual navigating the path of independent success. Here, challenging norms and sparking conversations are not just activities but essential tools for progress and I must say, they're tools I wield with a certain flair!

Feel free to explore my thoughts by clicking on the categories to the left or using the search bar for something specific. As for comments, they're still on the drawing board as I ponder over their inclusion. Your visit here is much appreciated - thanks for stopping by and joining me on this journey of exploration and insight!

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