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Starting in 2001, I remember listening to the music played on Weatherscan, a constant 24/7 loop of local radars, weather forcasts and other features, owned and opperated by the Weather Channel. Early Weatherscan playlists were strictly songs composed in 1995 by a jazz pianist from Georgia named Trammell Starks. In 2003, the Weather Channel introduced a refreshed playlist of songs composed mostly in-house although some of Trammell's songs were still included. This was about the time TWC began playing several of Jack Mascari's songs on guitar. Along with these new tracks came new graphics. Since 2007, my goal was to compile a list of all the music played on Weatherscan. I began recording from my television and editing out vocal narrations and equalizing the volume. This was fairly successful but at this time I knew I didn't have all the music, and from that point until around 2012, I periodically searched the internet for videos and prerecorded weatherscan tracks I could use to edit out the songs I didn't have, or that didn't have the vocal narrations. Thus far I have collected what I would consider to be the most complete list of music played on Weatherscan to date. The table to the right has every song played (minus music by Trammell Starks) since 2003 to 2012.

For the complete history of Weatherscan, go here. Or, you can head over to TWC Today for more information and weather channel related forums. Until now, each of the following 40 tracks had cutouts during most of the songs because I had to take out vocal narrations. However, I have stumbled across all of these vocally narrated tracks with absolutely no narrations and are now available for your listening enjoyment, and in much higher quality! Most of these tracks were produced in-house by the Weather Channel, however there are a couple recorded by Jack Mascari on guitar. If you've got any questions or a song that I've missed please let me know. The following tracks are 320K, mono, with only a few Mascari tracks which are in stereo.

Music for local forecast 3 cd set by Trammell Starks

Before the music currently being featured on Weatherscan and sometimes on the Local on the Eights, the Weather Channel used several selections from a 3 disk set of jazz performed by a guy named Trammell Starks. His music can be identified by the bright pianos and sax on many of his tracks. Much of his work can be found on YouTube, or you are able to purchase all 3 CD's from Trammell directly. If you'd like to contact him, check out his site as he does much more than compose music for the Weather Channel.

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