Audio and music background

This bio is a work in progress and is in the process of being edited.


Around the age of six was when I discovered my passion for music, specifically drumming. I would use my parents’ old camquarter to record myself playing a small junior drum set that had a small bass drum and only two mounted drums and a single cymbal in the center. As most starter drum sets were, the heads were cheap which resulted in pits and dents and the cymbal was made of tinfoil at best. I quickly graduated from this junior kit and when I was about nine years old or so my dad bought me a slightly more advanced CB kit, which resembled a real drum set, but still had the low quality heads and similarly maluable cymbals. However, having high hats and five drums it allowed me to experiment playing as a real drummer would; and eventually I replaced the bent up cymbals with real Sabian ones, adding a ride cymbal. This set, too, I graduated from and around the age of eleven my dad invested in a used DW drum kit from Guitar Center. DW is a widely recognized brand in the drumming world and was the first real set I owned. This too was a five piece kit with cymbals I had carried over from my beginner CB set. As I continued to get better, I became friends with a kid who was in my fourth grade class who was a drummer as well. He was by far better than I was at the time and was more versed in different drummers. He had a computer, TV and all kinds of music related stuff in his room. His drum set was very unique in that someone gave it to him and was a five piece Gretch/Ludwig kit from the 1960’s and the outer wrapping/design was very retro. He used no out facing head on his bass drum and had several pillows inside to dampen the sound. All of his cymbals he used were Zildjian, which I agreed were much better sounding. Indeed, even today, Zildjian is the leading brand in percussion hardware and accessories. Toward the end of our friendship when I was around twelve, I learned that he had sold his vintage kit and replaced it with a blue and white Mapex Pro-M series kit. At that same time, then in sixth grade, it was time for me to upgrade yet again to a Mapex Pro-M kit myself. We went down to the local music shop in Hatboro and I settled on a dark green kit, which is the last kit I ever owned. Through two moves and other factors, it finally ended up at my grandparents house where is sat for a year or so, only being played occasionally when I finally decided to sell it to fund a new laptop when I was seventeen. You can hear one of the last practice sessions I made with this drum set at my grandparents house on their patio here.


At the age of twelve my dad bought me a junior acoustic guitar from Guitar Center, where I bought all of my music gear and is still my favorite store to buy from though I don’t really live close to one. It was, at that time, just something I could play around with but didn’t take it as serious as I did drumming. It wasn’t until I was about fourteen or fifteen I got my first real guitar, a wine red Epiphone Bob Marley signature model guitar that was on sale at my local music shop I took lessons from for about $230. It was a pretty nice guitar too. That’s when I became more focused on technique and really practicing until my fingers were sore. I had a desire to learn solos early on and the first one I learned actually was from a Godsmack song from their first album, called Keep Away. After experimenting with soloing around that drop D solo, I put together a song called Fusion which is really the only song I’ve done to date that has any kind of rock solo in it. Around that same time, I decided to also get an electric Ibanez guitar which I then used to record most songs thereafter. One year around that time I also got an acoustic Ibanez for my birthday which I chose do to its similar sound to another Godsmack song, Running Blind. How appropriate, right? Turns out I’m pretty sure Tony used Ovations during this album. This also gives you kind of an idea of the singing style and feel of the kind of music I like. I really resonate with their music style. I will be putting together a list of my favorite bands and songs that really personify what kind of music I base my own around. After going through several moves around the country and finally selling those two guitars years later, I finally acquired a Dean Modifier ML Dimebag Deryl guitar that sounds really nice for a lower end guitar. For effects I’m basically using a series of free amp VST’s and using multitrack recording.


In 2008, I started gaining interest in audio production. It really began when I was fooling around with some drum loops I had that I found cool and started taking sound bites from skype calls I and others had recorded and mixed them together as sort of a funny joke sort of thing. My friends found them hilarious and one of them even began mixing his own. It was inspiration for me to continue pursuing my talent which is when I picked up my guitar and recorded a few demos such as Fusion, Crunch Time and Blue Rain. Since then I had taken 2 years of guitar lessons, and seeing as I was naturally gifted on the drums, it was fairly easy for me to think up an idea, tap it out and lay a guitar track over it. Since then I have not been able to record any new ideas, but have improved quite a bit It is my goal to learn as much as I can about playing guitar, and to start laying down tracks that perhaps one day might make it on the radio. December of 2008 was when this website first came online. It just so happened in March 2011 while attending college in southern Maine, I partnered up with a radio professional who I bumped into by accident one day at the bus stop at my college. He explained to me that he had worked in radio and television for over 30 years, and we agreed to do a tech talk podcast. That lasted until the following July, when I realized that wasn't something I wanted to do after producing almost 20 shows. Bill has since past on.