Below you will find various demos I have recorded, including music and radio bumpers.

Radio bumper demos

Here are several demos of radio bumpers. They will give you an idea of my mixing skills. These bumpers were recorded using the voice of the late great Bill Rowell.

2017 song demos

I'm happy to post these new demo tracks that I have put together, specifically demo tracks 1 and 2. These I believe, are the highlights of the new songs. Again, they're just ideas at this point but they will be extended. For these new recordings, I used Superior drummer and an Alesis DM10 electronic drum kit as well as my Dimebag flying V. I also managed to use my X-roommate's Ibanez bass.

Demo song 1 Demo song 2 Kyle's new and inspiring riffs Super metal jam ideas Live jam with Kyle
This song idea has been stuck in my head for a while and I feel better it's now recorded. Recorded in standard E tuning. Kyle actually was screwing around one day on Skype and came up with this riff. He thought it was hillarious because he was mocking people that do crazy shred solos. I thought it was catchy and actually made a demo out of it. For this track, I just laid down a pretty basic drum track with some different variations, and it was so awesome I just had to post this and eventually will pull some songs out of this. Recorded this as a jam with myself and it sounded so awesome I just had to post it up here Kyle came to Oregon in January of this year, and this was the first jam we did the night he arrived. It was so much fun!

2008 song ideas

Here are several old song ideas I've written while practicing.

Fusion Blue Rain Crunch Time Random drum warmup Fusion demo 1 Acoustic interlude All gray acoustic
Short rock track with solo at the end. Recorded 2008. A friend of mine added a bass track. During Christmas of 2008, I put down a few new tracks and this one is about 4 minutes long. This track is a solo practice track recorded over an A, D, C9 and G rhythm line. A friend added a bass line but it is barely audible. This track is a harder rock/metal groove with some improvization. Recorded 2008. Me warming up playing some beats on my drum kit in 2008. For this I used a cheap laptop with a Tascam US-122L 2 channel portable mixer and several binaural microphones. Fusion demo with lower octive bass track. An acoustic interlude in stereo. Used an electric guitar with an acoustic effect. All gray is one of the first songs I played on my acoustic Ibanez guitar.

Fun Stuff

Here are some audio files people may find fun.

Shaguar ringtone 1 Shaguar ringtone 2 Crank Nokia ringtone Old skype raps
Video phone ringtone number one heard on Austin Powers movies. Video phone ringtone number two heard on Austin Powers movies. The dying Nokia ringtone from the movie Crank. Archive of all 12 skype raps I and friends made to poke fun at each other. These are now close to ten years old!

John Bonham 1978 drum clips

John Henry Bonham, May 31st 1948 to September 25th 1980, was one of the best drummers in rock music history. His most famous work was done with the band Led Zeppelin. He has influenced me and counless other musicians around the world and his sound will not be forgotten. Below are 23 drum bits from the 1979 album, In Through the Out Door. These are not the final vinal mixes, they are just bits that were never used. These will probably be very difficult to find one day. Recorded at Polar Studios, 1978. For more John Bonham related links and for the origination of thee samples, click here.
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