Painters paint pictures on canvas. But musicians paint pictures on silence.

January 3, 2018

Happy new year everyone! I am on the road to success and good things this coming year. Classes start on Monday, my new drum set has been delivered and now all I need is a bass guitar and perhaps a minid controler. Tomorrow I travel back to Oregon and that will be the worst part since unless they change my flight schedule, Ill have to fly 8 hours to Texas then to Portland Oregon. As it is I am extremely bored where I'm at and this day of traveling will be hell!

Jim Snowbarger, the creater of the Snowman radio broadcast has kindly agreed to let me host all 81 episodes of the SRB show produced from mid 1999 to mid 2001. Please check him out at The Snowman Radio. The Snowman is streaming live again on and he's got a pile of JAWS scripts you might want to sort through, including scripts for Reaper and the most godly set of scripts known as Hotspot Clicker.

Check out my pick for track of the week. This week is Shaun Labelle, titled "Its Not Over".


I am Cody Hurst, a blind musician and audio recorder in western Oregon who plays drums and guitar.

Recording and mixing audio has been a hobby of mine since 2008. I have been involved with many different projects from podcasts, radio bumpers to music. Since the age of six I picked up playing the drums and began playing guitar when I was twelve. Toward the end of high school I recorded several song ideas which were mostly quick jams. You can hear them on the demos page. For Weatherscan fans, I have a dedicated page just for you. You can download a four disk set of the Weatherscan sound track and Alan Jackson voice files. Please note that the local forecast music by Trammell Starks is not being offered through this website any longer. I thank you for stopping by...but first, if you don't know where to begin, then why not start out by reading my bio.

My Gear

  • Dean Dime Bag Modifier ML guitar
  • IK Media Irig Pro Duo and Behrenger guitar link audio interfaces
  • Reaper 5 digital audio editing software
  • Yamaha DTX550K drums with Superior Drummer

How do you record your music?

As a blind musician, access to digital audio workstation software under Windows is very slim. By far the most usable and cost effective solution that I use is Reaper 5.X digital audio workstation software, and the free and open source screen reader NVDA. In order for Reaper to be fully accessible, one must install the Osara plug-in as well as the SWS extention. If you are interested in how to use NVDA with Superior Drummer, first read my page on Setting up your EDrums with Superior Drummer. When you are done, continue on to read about accessing Superior Drummer with NVDA with the vMouse and vTurbo addons

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